The Marantz Warranty

We build Marantz products to unusually high standards. And we back them with an equally unusual Three year warranty (Five years on our Reference Series of HIFI products) that covers not only purely electronic components like receivers and amplifiers but extends to components with complex mechanical parts like SACD players, CD Changers and Blu-ray players. It's our concrete expression of the quality and reliability of the products we build and your assurance that in the unlikely event that something does go amiss, you are protected.

In broad terms, if a Marantz component fails because of defects in materials or workmanship within Three years of purchase (Five for Reference gear), we will fix it at no charge.

Of course, our lawyers had to earn their keep with some exclusions (Read Marantz USA Limited Warranty) but if you haven't abused your Marantz or subjected it to vile conditions, you're covered. It's that simple.

One important note: We do ask that you purchase your Marantz from an authorized dealer. A Marantz component purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED dealer is NOT covered under our warranty. And any unit with a defaced or altered serial number is NOT covered either.